Taylor J Templeton

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Alcohol dependence activates ventral tegmental area projections to central amygdala in male mice and rats

Elizabeth M. Avegno, Elizabeth M. Avegno, Chelsea R. Kasten, Chelsea R. Kasten, William B. Snyder, Leslie K. Kelley, Thomas D. Lobell, Taylor J. Templeton, Michael Constans, Tiffany A. Wills, Tiffany A. Wills, Jason W. Middleton, Jason W. Middleton, Nicholas W. Gilpin

Addiction Biology, 2020 Nov 15

Endogenous glutamate within the prelimbic and infralimbic cortices regulates the incubation of cocaine-seeking in rats.

Christina B. Shin, Taylor J. Templeton, Alvin S. Chiu, Jennifer Kim, Ellen S. Gable, Philip A. Vieira, Tod E. Kippin, Karen K. Szumlinski

Neuropharmacology, vol. 128, 2017 Nov 31, pp. 293-300