Taylor J Templeton

Curriculum vitae


Department of Physiology


1901 Perdido Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

Previous Projects

Past projects in the Gilpin Lab at LSUHSC include 
1.      Researching if clozapine-N-oxide (CNO) at various doses is aversive in DREADD virus-free rats. 
2.      Studying how rats infused with an excitatory DREADD virus in the central amygdala respond to various doses of CNO in a conditioned place aversion paradigm. 
3.      Discerning if dorsal raphe CRF cells project to the central amygdala, and if activation of the dorsal raphe induces anxiety-like behavior.
4.       Identifying brain regions that project to the central amygdala using retrobead tracers. 
5.      How to accurately co-label c-fos+ and CRF+ cells in the central amygdala.